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Our Founder

Corporate Compliance, Risk Management & Certified Wound Specialist

Bri-Anna Guillory, LVN WCN-C has a background in pre-medicine from Cleveland State University and has over 10 years nursing experience in EMR integrations, Corporate Risk Management and Compliance in the hospice setting and extensive wound care for chronic and complex wounds in the home health setting.


During the peek of the pandemic, Bri-Anna noticed a shift of nurses leaving the hospital and entering home health with little to no experience in wound care. They lacked knowledge of how to assess or treat a patient with chronic wounds, thus causing poor patient outcomes and an influx in patient’s being re-admitted to the hospital. Divine Healthcare Consultants, LLC was derived from her experience in working in some of the best hospitals in the US, taking evidence based practice, experience from corporate level  compliance and risk management analysis and most importantly hands on wound care management and assessment. As our CEO and Founder she has the knowledge and experience to lead our team to success.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the American healthcare system by changing the trajectory of healthcare itself. Through re-education and support to clinicians and offering an affordable and accessible specialty telehealth option for consumers who are uninsured and under insured. 

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